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who we are

Who We Are

Acurax GoGreen founded by Acurax Foundation, with an aim at motivating and boosting the usage of all renewable resources replacing...

What We Do

What We Do

Just the way name says, our aim is to go totally green and bring up a better nature friendly globe. This mission can only be achieved...

Why Us

Why Us

We use our social contacts and the ability on marketing to raise funds for Acurax Foundation which is our core pillar behind Acurax GoGreen...

Let's GoGreen

In this fast developing world, we are being least bothered about the drying up non-renewable resources. In current consumption rate, soon there will be no non renewable resources left for our future generations. Acurax GoGreen, the campaign founded by Acurax Foundation, which aims at motivating and boosting the usage of all renewable resources replacing conventional non renewable fuels.

We encourage environmental friendly activities with creating green self-sufficiency. We invite companies and organizations to partcipate in the Acurax GoGreen Campaign, shrinking their own carbon footprint along with their contributions to achieve the Go Green mission.


Our Mission

  • Promoting Usage Of Renewable Sources Of Energy.
  • Encouraging And Supporting Afforestation And Backyard Gardening.
  • Discouraging Usage Of Non-Renewable Sources Of Energy.
  • Awareness Campaigns On Proper Waste Disposal.
  • Encouraging Recycling Of Bio Wastes To Usable Bio-Gas.